5 alternative ways to visit museums in Paris

When you live in Paris and you want to go to a museum, you definitely don’t want to spend 2 hours in a queue to buy a ticket. To avoid the crowds of tourists, I’ve made a list of things you should also consider taking advantage of when visiting Paris next time.

1. Book your tickets online

If you really want to visit the touristic places, you might want to buy your tickets in advance from the websites of the museums. Like this you save some more time to spend in the museum and you are not already pissed off when you get to get inside.

2. Choose something different

Although mainstream, the Arts and Crafts Museum is not so crowded all the time. This museum is perfect for finding out more about how things work. Besides the variety of permanent collections about science, energy, transports, communication, mechanics and constructions, this place never stops amazing me with their witty exhibitions. From the most advanced robots till the packaging history, here you can always find something ingenious to learn here.

3. Explore the secret museums of Paris

If you are open to new discoveries, you should think about visiting the small, not very well known museums in Paris. For example Parfume Museum is one of the best places to get a special sensorial experience for free. Here you have an entire map with lots of secret places in Paris.

4. Try a new place

I am sure nothing compares with Louvre, but when you are more of a curious mind with a taste for newness, you can think about the following places:

Gaite Lyrique – digital culture museum

Le comptoir general – a ghetto museum with a very good vegan resto

The Museum of Everything – a mobile museum, « for the undiscovered, unintentional and untrained artists of our times », in Paris until the end of March

104 – a creative factory for contemporary arts

5. Wander the streets

My favourite places in Paris are those I’ve been coming across accidentally. Start walking and get lost. You’ll see, Paris itself is a great museum that needs to be rediscovered all the time. And if you like street art, you can follow this map.




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