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Welcome to my Infinitely Small Gallery of Immortalised and Pixelised Ideas. Basically, what you will see here, is a series of my works inspired by colors and emotions. The tour includes a wide range of stuff starting with craft activities and till digital image treatment and mix of visual elements. This uploaded consciousness is about creating this moment and visualise the futuristic experience of it in a transmedia approach.

I hope you will enjoy exploring here and now by entering my Thoughtography Universe.

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Analyse of a Point of View: observe, compare, change, re-create, design, innovate from my point of view.


Writing a paperwork on women image in British media is not the easiest way to think about this topic.  As you have experienced probably, you know school encourages writing skills. But today we’re surrounded by visual signs and messages. Students need to be educated for a visual culture of tomorrow.

Therefore, I chose a visual approach to the writing task by doing this stop motion. The challenge was to see the teacher’s evaluation of my point of view.  As the feedback was encouraging, I’m now exploiting a series of instruments  to evaluate students differently and learn them to explore data, analyze and synthetize it, creating and interpreting beautiful information.



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