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5 alternative ways to visit museums in Paris

When you live in Paris and you want to go to a museum, you definitely don’t want to spend 2 hours in a queue to buy a ticket. To avoid the crowds of tourists, I’ve made a list of things you should also consider taking advantage of when visiting Paris […]

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digital + fashion + trends = colorful ideas for brands

Now that January is over, you can get some colors out of your closet. Not sure about which ones? I advice you to try Color Forecast a web-bijou with smart tricks for you to discover the latest trends. The ingenious site is a Pimkie make-up mix of weather forecast and colors. In a click you get […]

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How to stay ahead trends? another french lesson

There is one thing I’ve noticed about french talks: they always compare themselves with the US and the 1st nation on the list of everything they are concerned. Why are they doing this and how is it going to help anyone? At the beginning this question haunted me everywhere I […]

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