Books and visions of life

The other day a bookseller has offered me a 40% discount for a bargain on Dubois’s book. Looking into his eyes, I managed to make him change his mind and leave it to 50% of the amount, reaching the sum of 17 euros. ”Good price” said the bookseller. Having a library two steps away, I answered him politely ”thank you, but I’m not sure”, being convinced that I should check if I can’t borrow this book first. Very intrigued the curious man asks me if ”50% for a book does not suit you, how do you think you’ll manage to buy a house?”. Very relaxed, I responded to him in return “Maybe I don’t wanna buy a house!?!”. I then said goodbye to the man gritting his teeth and left even more surprised than him. I was asking myself ”was my statement such a weird thing to say?. Is it still considered to be imperative today to have your own house, you own car, cat or dog, or library? I thought not. And definitely not coming from a bookseller. So, moving back to the story, I decided that this bookseller was not a true one, so I chose not to buy anything from him that day.

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