The power of creating inspired accidents and surprise presents

A happy accident arrived to me today. It made me think how much I’ve been underestimating the post office effect. Just imagine the storytelling behind an anonym mailing sent to someone connected to digital world almost 7 days for 24/24.

In my case it basically happened like this: I went to the post office to get the anonym package which arrived in the mail box 2 days ago. I will not even explain you how excited I was on the way home, thinking about what’s inside. Before I’ll reveal what was all about, I have mention about another similar surprise which came from Olivia, for my birthday. The scenario was the same: mail post, anonym sender. Inside there were 2 of my photos printed on a great support with satin metallic effect at a large scale. That time was easily to guess the witty author of surprise, thinking who’s working in photography and who might have the wonderful idea to offer me as a present: my own work signed Creativ’Est on the package. Thank you again, Olivia for making my ideas real by putting them in my hands.

But this time…I’m in a great confusion, pleasantly surprised wondering about the person who made my day. Even if I will not find the sender, I would like to share this happy accident that arrived to me today:

P.S. if the person who did this it, is reading my post, I’d like to thank her/him for the priceless minutes of wonder with naughty inquisitiveness about what’s inside the mail, one day of amazing searches and last but not least, for all the inspiration and the book I will devour.

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