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If you are going to visit cities in your holiday, you might be interested in this app. This navigation map transformed in a generator of genuine experiences for any tourist or city local curious to discover new places and play a little bit gives you some great indications for arriving to a destination. Let’s take a glimpse of how the last user found his way in Prague:

Head east on Sokolovská toward Prvního pluku and then enter the tallest building nearby and head straight to the top floor. Take a photo. Turn right at Prvního pluku and then find a bar, buy someone a drink, and ask them to draw a map of their childhood. Follow this map. Head northeast on Pobřežní toward Prvního pluku and then follow the next red car you see until it is out of sight. Turn left at Sokolovská and then flip a coin. Heads? walk forward 100 steps. Tails? walk back 100 steps. Turn right at Prokopovo nám. and then ask someone to take you to the part of the city they are afraid of. Photograph it. Turn left at Štítného and then take your next right, then left, then right, then. left. nevermind. Take a photo of yourself instead.

I don’t want to know how it calculates time, but if you don’t hurry or even better you’re on holiday, this seems fun. Plus, you come back from your meandering through the city with a series of insolite photos, ready to be liked on facebook.


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