How to stay ahead trends? another french lesson

There is one thing I’ve noticed about french talks: they always compare themselves with the US and the 1st nation on the list of everything they are concerned. Why are they doing this and how is it going to help anyone?

At the beginning this question haunted me everywhere I was listening to all sorts of comparisons. I was sick and tired to hear that « we are not good enough », « we are so far from… ». It reminded me I’m coming from a country where people and most of all studies show the fact that we are always at the end of the list.
And yes, I was hoping not to hear this in France also. But…there was, still, a big difference.

Being the second on the list, for french people, is as bad as being the last for the romanians.

At the moment I understood this, I realised what the expression « las-o ba, ca merge asa » in my mother tongue did to me. Once you go out from the top 3, you can die. You’ll never be noticed anymore.

By complaining about the delay « le retard » they have, French people struggle to maintain their top position

This 1st on the list thing is just a way to ensure themselves, they will not go out of the game. And with that, I started to admire this way of thinking. For 3 reasons:

1. By comparing yourself with the best, you’ll keep doing better and better

2. It gives you the opportunity to learn from the other’s mistakes

3. Competition makes you stronger while lack of hope puts you out of the chessboard

FrenchWeb which is a french webzine I recommend, has lauched a series about digital trends.Sort of a Canadian TrendsHunter for the french masters of the web. So if you look for the future trends in Europe, you know what to watch now.

Sans retourner le couteau dans la plaie, la première sortie sur la vidéo dans le monde, même si ça ne me semble pas révolutionnaire, ça va. Et…j’ai hâte de voir la suite!

TRENDS 2012 les nouvelles tendances dans le… par frenchweb

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