Internet is in the air but not everywhere

During the last 2 weeks I’ve been travelling in Romania, crossing the whole country from the capital city of Bucharest to the northern city of Dracula’s country: Sighetul  Marmatiei. Between the thousands of wonderful places, people and landscapes, I remembered again everything that is to be done around here. I think, the most disturbing aspect about travelling in Romania, is the quality of the roads and the lack of traffic signs. Due to the second, I had to be online all the time.

And by the way, something funny related to internet happened to me, one of these days. While me and my bro were trying to find our way by car, in the good direction (me on google maps and him using the GPS), Nico, who was in the car with us and who is more like an old school guy, found the road first, with a simple paper map. After laughing a lot, I realized this was not a joke: not thinking even to look on the map when in the middle of nowhere with very bad internet connection, was actually a serious thing. Since when I’ve forgot that screens and online maps are still new technologies in some places? Is internet really helping us all breathe easier?  I guess holidays are the best time to try to stop connecting digital with real space for at least one moment or some days. Anyway, it was quite challenging for me, to get back to the roots and watch the clouds without any data thing, for a while…

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