Mastermind Lessons from Picasso about entrepreneurial spirit

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I will never forget a story I’ve heard about Picasso and his entrepreneurial amazing spirit and negotiation gift.
Picasso story about the value of creation goes like this…
One day he was painting in a plaza open space, when a lady come to sit in front of him. Finally she doesn’t disturb him, on the contrary, he took it as an opportunity to change the point of view and integrate the women in his painting. After a while the lady asks him very politely ”Pardon me, sir, may I know what are you painting? » As he was already finishing, Picasso turns the painting and overwhelm the lady with surprise. Very excited, she immediately asks the maestro how much it costs. Picasso then answers making up an inconceivable price. Very confused the lady wants to know why is it this much, a work he did in 15 minutes. Picasso then answers saying to her: ‘’It may have taken me 15 minutes to paint it now, but the price is for all the time I spent learning and practicing to arrive here.’’

For more inspiration, I suggest you another personal story of Shane Pearlman who gives some very good tips about how to sell yourself as a freelancer. Watch him talking about strategies for happiness and longevity in a freelance career.

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