RE:think « creativity » by combining artistic talent with smart business solutions

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Banda Calypso found that people were pirating their CDs and selling them on street corners in Brazil, without paying any royalties to the band. The band could have tried to stop this illegal practice. Instead, they used i-Creativity and found an ingenious solution. They realised that this was a great way to publicise their music and build audiences for their concerts. So instead of fighting the pirates, they encouraged them. They used the pirates as their marketing department. They sent master copies of their CDs and even the artwork to street corner vendors, so they could sell them cheaply in all the cities, before the band arrived. The result was that Banda Calypso built a huge following and all their gigs were sold out. Now they make enough money to fly from city to city in their own private jet. They have musical creativity and also use business creativity. Sometime, giving things away free is a smart business move.


This is one of the three examples we can find in a T-Shirts and Suits article proposing a new terminology for creativity. Does artistic creativity combined with smart business thinking lead to the need of re-imagining creativity concept? Here you can read more about a-creativity and i-creativity as David’s put it forward.

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