Serendipitous learning is awesome

In my case, internet works like this: I open the browser and start to see, listen and learn a little bit of everything in order to create. I fall in love with links and people every second and from all this ocean of data and connections, I develop weekly obsessions about areas I have never been directly in touch with.

Yesterday I went for the first time to the monthly  Dailymotion event @ Cinema des Cineasts in Paris. This time it was a special Ulule Edition. That’s how I found about it, in fact. I saw in fact some pretty good crowfunded projects. Here’s the list. In case you just want have a look I recommend you this one:

Food about you par AlexandreDUBOSC

After a debate on visual culture and selective memory I had with friends, I was thinking I don’t wanna be part of a subculture of lost-underground-warriors sort-of generation.Yes we need to be selective and focus and watch over more our time. But please let me dream that subcultures are over and we got the idea that  »specialisation is for insects ».

Like I said at the beginning about my weekly obsessions, lately, I got this typo-thing. Looking for some interesting tutorials, I stumbled upon Karen. Her Vblog is pretty useful and I heart her style. For all those irrecuperably curious, here’s a message:


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