Socially numb

indifference tshirt p235411857826685141qzj3 400 Socially numb There was a comment yesterday on Facebook saying 85 children were killed in a Norway extremist attack and thousands of people are sad for Amy Winehouse. I couldn’t say I was not touched by the sound of ‘my daddy thinks I’m fine’ for which 2 strangers got the stage today at 104 to bring a public homage.

But I’m still stuck on the numbers showing how many people’s lives we could save with the money invested in military equipment.  I saw a list some days ago at the exhibition  L’ombre de la guerre at MEP, one of the few expos that gave me painful emotions to write about.

I got out completely outraged at the thought of tourists walking in Paris while a 9 y child starts a life without limbs, because of a mine blowing in his way for home. My company friend was rather on the other side of the boat, thinking like a photographer about the details in the corner of a photo and other pro stuff. In the same time we were speaking together about most of people, ‘numb to the images of conflict’, like Danfung Dennis says here.

For the moment, I can’t do anything to stop war. But if you are doing or going to do something related, I suggest you better think about integrating the next gen technology like this, some hell-of-a-image doctors and the best storytelling professionals you know.  

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