Tips for creative use of online crisis

This morning Facebook was down. Like every time, everyone was tweeting about it. I took my coffee while watching greedly what people think about all this and I wrote down some learnings.

I don't like facebook downSo what were people saying about facebook down? Firstly they were all speaking about different toppics. Their complaints were concentrated immediately through the #facebookdown hashtag. The most famous subjects there were babyboom, friends, working more, conspiracy, Google + and Twitter invasion. From 3 hours of Likely Service Disruption in this affected areas, I’ve selected a top 10 tweets.

My point is that you can make creative use of this short online crisis moments to advertise your blog in another way or make your personal brand heard. For those who make poetry, make one about #facebookdown or whatever hashtag of crisis is in that moment. If you are a comics writer, just draw quickly 2 stickmen saying something about the hashtag. If you sing, maybe you can make a beat-box or hip-hop version of the twitter flow. If you write, use your imagination to make up a story or give out some useful to learn about it. Finally it doesn’t matter what you do, if you make something original and post it at the right moment. Just go out there and make this breakdowns your  minutes of fame.

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