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Povestea filmului Truman Show este valabila. Ideea din spatele filmului a ridicat multe comentarii si nu numai. Ma intreb daca parintii celui mai tanar blogger din lume s-au inspirat din film cand au scris Acesta este albumul de cocuta, povestea vietii, jurnalul on line al lui Joshua din ziua in care a venit pe lume. Iata primul lui comment:

Hello World!

Hi! My name is Joshua John Pohl. You haven’t met me yet, but my mommy and daddy know you! Well, at least you were in the address books on their computers. I should know, I hacked into them today after these lovely ladies brought me into this big room called a « nursery. » They’re out of the room right now. They think I am sleeping.

Boy, this keyboard thingy is really BIG. OOhhhh pretty colors.

Where was I? Oh yeah! I’ve kept mommy and daddy in suspense long enough and decided to come out and play! I would have been here sooner, but I wanted to figure all this internet stuff out first. I just setup my very own blog on my own website. Pretty soon I’ll get daddy to upload some pictures of me. I’d upload them myself, but I think daddy’s going to have some sharing issues with his toys for a while.

Oh, a few more things about me! I was born January 21, 2005 at 4:04 PM. I’m 19 inches tall and weigh 8lbs 12oz.

Uh oh, I’d better go. I hear the nurses coming back. Feel free to send me email at or visit my website I’m sure mommy and daddy will read me your email until they let me read it myself.

Bye Bye! Love,


Cum va fi viitorul lui Joshua?

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