Welcome to Creative Romania – the first stage of Creativ’Est project.

This is a research conducted in the University Paris 8, coordinated by Philippe Bouquillion,  co-responsible of the international research about the changes in cultural studies and communication at OMIC and the co-author of the book  ‘’Collaborative Web’’.

Starting with April 2012, I will be in Romania, doing a tour in the next cities: Bucharest, Iasi, Sibiu and maybe Cluj and Timisoara. During two months I will try to meet all those beautiful creative heads who work on art projects, cultural stuff, innovation policies, educational reforms, digital platforms and new business models in Romania.

The Big Idea of this project is called Creativ’Est. This project is aiming to sustain and develop the creativity in Eastern Europe Countries. The mission of the project is to study the creative environment in the Balkans and build the map of all the creative initiatives and leaders of creative business network.

The main objectives of Creativ’Est are to:

  • study how things happen within the Creative Europe program in SEE (Southeastern Europe Countries)
  • identify and analyze creative industries needs and trends in SEE
  • publish a set of best practice and case studies from the development of the creative industries in the Balkan region
  • define the public and the private investment funds to better support local fundraising activities
  • promote the holistic concept of creativity as problem solving solution for business issues and social engagement
  • offer specialized counseling and assistance to cultural institutions, social-engaged business projects, innovative entrepreneurs and artists.

About me, Roxana Rugina:

I am living in Paris since 2010, when I came to work for the Romanian Cultural Institute. Formerly I was working as a PR Manager at Friends Advertising in Bucharest.

Today, creativity and culture are my religion. I strongly believe magic happens somewhere between science, art and business. As a creactivist, I dream one day Creativ’Est will become the biggest festival of creative activism in Eastern Europe. Until then, please don’t hesitate to write me at if you have any suggestion, idea, project, question or contact that could interest me and you.

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