Traffic jams over?

Everybody knows what I believe about solving the traffic problems by cycling in the city. In the meantime, every day, more cars are stuck in the traffic and we spend more time on transport. This thing needs a call to action for massive problem solving and critical thinking NOW.

Bikes are the most efficient form of transportation in my opinion. I believe we are many already. And I believe that if we want a visible change for our planet, we should be more. Nevertheless, I am conscious that bikes will not save us from pollution. On the other hand, more cars we’ll have around us, more time we’ll lose with the traffic jams. So, I’m thinking…why not reconsider traffic today?

Transport companies start organising hackathons to build apps in 48 hours on this matter. Last weekend we had Hackcess – SNCF Transilien : 48h de développement au service de la mobilité pour tous in Paris.

In Germany, people have already got into action. Here’s their alternative. The idea is simple: change the system: abolish traffic lights and codes. Let’s see what happens…

Do you think this could work in your city? If not, why? If yes, do think it’s safe? What would you do to implement this in your city?

P.S. thanks @max for the hint.



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