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A very dear friend of mine gives me a schmuck name every time we meet. Starting by putting me in the extremely talented digital creatives category ’till describing my work with the  »most greatest » appreciative words, she has always a flattering secret way to get my name out there. What is the learning about all this?

The lesson: selfawareness is a tricky thing when it comes to personal branding

So, like I was saying…I’ve been wondering for a while, since I know my friend likes to express admiration and gratitude in this way, how to deal with her very topular way to see things. In fact, the question behind, was how to deal with myself as a brand? Suddenly, I realised it was not only her, but a lot of others out there who made me conscious about one thing: I should stop being so critical and demanding with myself. It took me quite a long time to accept that as much as I love dreaming so I don’t allow myself to do it. Therefore flattering compliments and praise always made me feel uncomfortable.

In fact, when it comes to what I’m good at, I am such a hard judge with myself that I ridiculously inhibit every form of public display of affection, narcissism and creative drive. Moreover, it’s in my nature to be quite sarcastic. Therefore social networking parties and small talks have never been my thing. But for most of digital born youngsters it is not a single second problem to go and post a video about their lame day on youtube and say how awesome it was. So to deal with it I propose you a quick self-reflection exercise.

The exercise: give yourself a boost of confidence and learn how to deal with the fear of being ridiculous

If it happens to find yourself between the lines, I advice you to keep watching this small parody about  »the incredibly high esteem of the youtube generation ». Sometimes the best way to face your fears is to make a mock of them. Before you play it, just bare in mind that this is an exercise, so try to look at the video from 2 perspectives: the digital born  »I can do anything  » star and the humble, too much feet on the earth type. Write down what you find unacceptable about each of the two and find your way to the middle. Good luck!

P.S. If it doesn’t help  »I tried and therefore no one should criticize me » :p


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