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Code is about people and I need people to code for Romania

When I’ve chosen human sciences back in college, I had nobody to tell me that people need code to find solutions to their problems and that informatics can help us build the future we want. It took me a long way to arrive here, to understand how much we need […]

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Une bonne idée n’a pas de frontière

L’idée du film « As you like it » ne peut pas être décrite. Il faut voir le film. « As you like it », « Dupa fel si chip » en roumain, a été choisi à Cannes. Quelle bonne nouvelle, je me disais. Mais Paula Onet, la réalisatrice, n’a pas l’argent pour y aller au festival. […]

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Life projects: family, babies and other ideas

Source: Illustration: Iro Tsavala  It’s been 2 years since I’m living in Paris. An adventure full of new people, places, ideas and ideals. A series of experiences that gave me courage and opportunities to learn and to grow. Lots of my friends get married now or make plans about babies. I’m 25 and I’m […]

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Keep learning and tracking

Duchamp once said he wants to teach « thinking » to artists. His practices were maybe not the best way, but they were for sure an inspiring new way to look at art at that time.  Unfortunately we do not have lots of Duchamp in our personal lives, but internet gives us the access to […]

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